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Increased Demand of Frozen Foods – WahUstad

A study commission by the various food industries and media has found that the surge in demand for frozen foods will be increasing for many new buyers as well as returning buyers.While WahUstad has prepared the new plan and new production strategy to meet every demand for Frozen Products.

According to a study overall market in India only grown by 40-50% for the Frozen Fresh products and it seems continuously growing by 10 to 15% in the coming time. Due to easy to cook frozen products which are available in every grocery stores and supermarkets become easy station to buy various frozen products like, Pizzas, Garlic Breads, Indian Currys and many Indian fast food varieties which are consumed in Indian and also considered to be exported to various other developed markets like, the UK, US, and Australia. Considering the benefits of cost-effectiveness, quality of the products, easy availability, and easy to cook, more and more household buyers are consuming frozen fresh products. To meet these demand there is a rise in the Frozen Food manufacturing industries. There are many quality producers who are trying to get the benefits of multiplying frozen food consumer demand. Indie Delights and WahUstad are among those frozen food producers who are into domestic as well international exports for frozen food variety. They have considered being producing high-quality frozen products and having the advanced technology for their national and international distribution chain. They are producing frozen products in their fashion categories like, Bake & Serve Frozen Delights, Easy to Prepare Curry Paste, Ready to Eat Desi Gravies, and Ready to Serve Frozen Snacks which are highly in demand in the domestic and international market.

Frozen Food is the New Life Style – WahUstad


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